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About me

Maik Guntermann My name is Maik Guntermann. I am a German game industry freelance programmer, conducting business as a sole proprietorship since 1998.

Already at the age of 10 years I was able to acquire my first computer and programming skills on classic systems like the Commodore 64 and Amiga. During this time I developed various Amiga demos and the games “Ronx” (Tetris clone) and “Jump’n’Run” (game in “Giana Sisters” style) with the help of friendly graphics artists and musicians; but those early games were never commercially released.

In 1998 I started my professional career, launched an individual enterprise and among others started working with the developer Eclipse Software Design. My tasks for the first commercial project “Iron Soldier 3” (published on Playstation and Nuon Interactive DVD) were related to the optimization of the 3D-Engine and the programming of different tools. After that, I worked on porting the game “Hellboy” from PC to Playstation. Some smaller projects for Eclipse followed.

In 2002 I started to closely work with the developer Sproing Interactive in Vienna and did most of my commercial projects during this time (several games of the famous German “Moorhuhn” franchise, “(T)Raumschiff Surprise”, “Ultimate Winter Games”, etc). My roles for these projects were senior or lead programmer. The outstanding cooperation with Sproing ended in 2005 after the completion of the game “Moorhuhn Invasion” with a lucrative offer from a leading mobile phone manufacturer, where I worked on game related software for mobile devices. I finished this project successfully at end of 2006.

After a short pause at beginning of 2007, I started working as lead programmer for Independent Arts Software on several Nintendo DS projects. The resulting game „THINK™ Logik Trainer“ (published in October 2007) won the German Developer Award 2007 („Deutscher Entwicklerpreis 2007“) in the category „Best German Casual Game“. Until end of July 2008 I continued my work as lead programmer among others on the titles „Solitär™“ and „RTL Winter Sports 2009™“.

Thereafter I joined the team of Synetic in next village town Gütersloh to help out by the completion of their current „Alarm für Cobra 11™“ title and gave a helping hand through mission scripting and by planning a new engine until end of 2008.

From beginning of 2009 to end of 2010 I started working for Rainfire Entertainment in Essen and did there several smaller projects like the DS-titles „Der Gesundheitscoach™“ and „Bibi und Tina - Das große Unwetter ™“, as the Playstation 3/PC title „Germany's next Topmodel 2011™“, as lead programmer. After successful completion of these projects I rejoined Independent Arts Software and began to develop basic technology alongside an undisclosed project for Nintendo 3DS.

I finished that project successfully now and am currently looking for new challenges.
UPDATE 28.10.2011: Because of new projects, I'm busy and not any longer available for other assignments.
UPDATE 06.10.2015: As of today, I'm available for new projects again.

I am living in Herzebrock (near Gütersloh, Germany) and develop most of my projects from this location. In my free time I love to play darts, pay attention to my five cockatiels or drive go-kart.

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